4 WAYS MOTORIZED SHADES IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP AND HEALTH ENJOY MORE RESTFUL NIGHTS WITH THIS SMART TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE  Many studies have shown the link between sleep and overall health, with medical professionals recommending at least seven hours of sleep per night. Not only does a good night’s sleep lower your risk for serious health problems […]

13 Must-Have Home Theater Gadgets

Almost 50% of people that went to the movie theater no longer go.  Production companies are adapting and sending movies straight to streaming platforms. With the convenience of technology, you can watch the latest movies without having to pay $20 for a bag of popcorn, only to sit in an uncomfortable seat.  Instead of spending all that […]

Do You Need a Home Theatre Projector?

Once upon a time, home theatres were reserved for the rich and famous. It cost a lot of money to create a home theatre setup, and it required a lot of space, so not everyone was able to put together home theatres. The recent pandemic helped change this. Many Australians were stuck in their homes for months on end. It led […]